Fragile is a brand new quarterly magazine mainly focused on contemporary ceramics with an open look at the arts, design,
high craftsmanship and the gray zone that  lies between these worlds. An in-depth magazine, a catalog of images and a non-obvious idea of quality.
In every issue we will interview artists and designers, review exhibits, explore companies, visit workshops,events, fairs and biennials. We will show private collections and propose a selection of works for sale. Furthermore, the gallery section will show a selection of works as a curated exhibition.

Who we are

Laura Borghi – Officine Saffi

Editor in Chief
Flaminio Gualdoni

Editorial Board
Maria Adelaide Marchesoni
François Mellé
Martha Pachón Rodríguez
Alessandra Vinci

Silvia Anna Barrilà
Luca Bochicchio
Carla Casu
Fabrizio Meris